DimScreen 1.1

Change screen brightness with a click or a keyboard shortcut


  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Initial brightness parameter
  • Works with all screens
  • Does not require installation


  • Does not assign shortcuts to specific percentages
  • Only ten brightness levels to choose from

Not bad

DimScreen is a small app that easily changes the brightness of your screens. In laptops this is achieved thanks to two shortcuts (Fn and two function keys); it is in computers such as desktops, where these keys don't work or don't exist, that DimScreen proves its worth.

Since it does not require installation, the DimScreen executable can reside in any folder, such as the Home Folder. Right-clicking on the notification icon opens up the brightness selection menu, with ten different levels. To help you locate the icon, DimScreen will automatically light up the menu.

The keyboard shortcuts are really useful. They are configured in the Settings menu. They are a good substitute of the function keys in laptops. Also, DimScreen offers you the possibility of choosing the brightness level that will be activated when you start the program.



DimScreen 1.1

User reviews about DimScreen

  • Guest Account

    by Guest Account

    how do i turn it off??..   More

  • Lie Jam

    by Lie Jam

    It does what it says. It dims the screen. I need it as I'm an I.T student and I have to make my school works at night...   More

  • Apple May

    by Apple May

    Works perfectly. However it does not dim the menu when you right click..   More

  • Heather Glenn

    by Heather Glenn

    Can not open menu, can not turn off, can not uninstall. Honestly thinking positive reviews may be fake..   More

  • Orkhed Saghir

    by Orkhed Saghir

    rubbish i cannot delete the thing how do i delete the thing it does not want too delete i really do not recommend.   More

  • Deepak Eltore

    by Deepak Eltore

    It's simple and fast all you have to do is download and hit run. greatly reduces the brightness to 90%..   More